We believe beauty is a form of self care, not a standard to be achieved.

You know that best friend you love to chill with, be real with, get into full look and slay with...even when you have nowhere to go?  The Beauty Dummies are that for each other, and we wanna be friends with you!

Beauty Dummy is a place for folks of all identities and backgrounds to play with their look and share what they know.  We want to create an inclusive space to talk about beauty in a fun, friendly way that's alive and imaginative – never preachy or trend-humpy. Cause that gets real old real fast, ya know?

We only promote products we believe in – and absolutely nothing is sponsored unless we say so

We have some industry experience, so we've learned a thing or two.  But Beauty Dummy isn't about being an expert, or having money or all of the skills.  And it's not like we wear makeup every day, either.  We simply believe that when you feel beautiful and confident – then you can do anything. Read our interview with Fashionista here!

Seem legit?  Come have fun with us!