So who are the Beauty Dummies?

We're Hannah and Kat!  We've been friends for almost ten years, and in that time we've tried almost every look imaginable.  Oh god, have we made some mistakes.  Like, some real bad ones.  But we don't have to talk about the time Hannah got that mullet or the time Kathryn basically tweezed off her eyebrows.  That's for later.  It's bio time!

hannah headshot 02272017.jpg

Hannah Faulkner: "The Nerd"

Hannah is a trained hair stylist and educator based in NYC. She's been in the industry for nearly a decade, but she's been obsessed with hair and makeup her whole life...and she definitely knows her shit.  Okay, so she's not exactly a dummy, but there's always more to learn, and hey, sometimes she just makes shit up as she goes along.  Hannah's style is a little punk, a little fairy princess.  And her attitude?  100% no-nonsense.

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kathryn margaret rose: "the joker"

Kat is a writer and comedian also based in New York, so as you can imagine, she's usually broke.  She's been known to use the same tube of mascara for an entire year, and lipstick on her cheeks when she runs out of blush.  Even though she's worked in management at two different salons, she gets just about everything wrong the first time.  But Kat's a "try everything once" kinda girl, and that's not gonna change any time soon.

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