Our Favorite Cruelty-Free Makeup

We’re just as obsessed with animals as we are with beauty products, so we like to make an effort to support cruelty-free brands. Lately, we have been working towards re-stocking our bathrooms and makeup bags full of products not tested on animals. Our shelves aren’t totally cruelty-free yet, but we are finding that with more mainstream brands making this a priority, it is becoming easier and easier to purchase products that align with our beliefs. We understand that many folks are not in the place financially to be super judicious about which products they use–most drugstore brands are not cruelty-free. But we’re trying to make a change, and keep you posted on what we discover. Here are our favorite cruelty-free brands we’ve tried so far.

1. Kat Von D


Kat Von D Beauty is an amazing brand all around. They have a great full coverage concealer, which will replace our previous favorite by NARS–no longer a cruelty free brand. All their products comes in a wide variety of shades. The setting powder is long-lasting, and the liquid cream lipsticks are amazing and have great colors. Many of her products are also vegan! Check out the full list here.

2. Anastasia

Can we just have a moment to talk about their brow products?!? I mean, really. They’re classic and flawless. Whether you’re looking for a precisely sculpted brow, or maybe a more natural look, Anastasia has got you covered.

3. Urban Decay

Possibly one of our most favorite pencil eyeliners. They’re smooth and creamy application and stays all day but is easy to remove. We also love that you can usually find a pack of 3 minis in the Beauty On The Fly section of Sephora. Their cult classic Naked eyeshadow pallets are also beautiful and come in different hues to suit your mood.

4. BH Comestics

We’re big fans of BH eyeshadows, which are surprisingly affordable yet excellent quality and can be applied both wet or dry. Their colors are beautifully pigmented and easy to apply. The Wild Child palette is great for every skin tone and has lovely neutrals for subtle day looks a day or rich, darker colors for glam nights.

5. Marc Jacobs Beauty

Luscious lipsticks, velvety eyeliner and jaw-dropping mascara...this line has it all. Out of all of the mascaras both high-end and drugstore we’ve tried, Velvet Noir tops the charts as an all-time favorite. With full coverage and a deep black color, this mascara delivers on lift, volume, and length. Even with it’s hefty price tag, we feel this is a must have for our makeup bag. **Note: Although Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty free, the fragrance line is not. We know. Shame.

6. Nyx


The liquid lipsticks give us life! They’re full coverage, easy to apply, and long wearing. Nyx also provides a wide range of colors throughout their entire line. And did we mention stupid affordable? That’s the biggest draw of them all.

7. Physicians Formula

Although limiting when it comes to concealer and foundation shades, Physicians Formula’s shining star always has and always will be their bronzer and blush.

8. Milani


Beautiful Matte Metallic Lip Cremes for every complexion and our go-to for easy to apply translucent setting powder (you may have seen it make an appearance in our last video about how to fix your broken makeup–so good we didn’t want to throw it out!) For such a low price range, these products really deliver in quality.

9. Bite


Okay so we really like lipsticks! But Bite goes above and beyond every traditional lipstick on the market by providing beautiful colors that actually condition your lips and wear remarkably well. These creamy lippies won’t ever dry out your pout and will keep you coming back for more. We also like their agave lip scrub...but we secretly feel like we could make one at home for cheaper. Shhh.

10. Sephora Collection


Skincare, hair care, brushes, tools, and makeup, Sephora Collection really offers a bit of everything. We especially enjoy their eyeshadow pro blending brush, and cream lip stains (we already said we really like lipstick okay?!) Although it’s not the cheapest brand, we find their products are reliable and always easy to return, if need be.

To find out what other makeup brands are cruelty free, crueltyfreekitty.com keeps a complete, up-to-date list. They’ve also got some info on the parent companies of these brands, which couldn’t hurt to know. It’s always best to put your money where your heart is.

Got a cruelty-free product we should try? Let us know your favs by tagging us at #beautydummy!

Cover photo  by Waranya Mooldee on Unsplash

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