The Easiest DIY Beauty Gifts

Uh oh, it’s gift giving season. Time to buy a present for your best friend, your brother, your partner, your sister in law, mom, grandma, dad, and that coworker you barely know whose name you drew for the gift exchange. 

Or not. One of our favorite things to do this time of year is make a batch or two of some DIY skincare products and give those instead. They’re useful, fun to make, and usually cheaper than buying a bunch of different items. Plus, it’s charming as hell to be all like “happy holidays! I simply whipped this up from items I had lying around — why yes, I do grow my own lavender!” 

Here are some of our favorite DIY beauty recipes from (where else?) Pinterest. Follow us at 

Rose Clay Face Mask

Rose Clay Facemask soap queen.jpg

People love to pamper themselves with face masks, and this pretty pink one would also make a cute insta story (that’s like, half the fun of face masks tbh) Rose is a pleasing scent to most, too, so it’s sure to be a favorite to anyone you choose.

via The Soap Queen

Cedarwood + Black Pepper Beard Oil

beard oil diy via ctrl + curate .jpg

Beards get scraggly, and they deserve to be nourished too. This serum is made with a rich blend of cedarwood and black pepper oil that smells almost smoky and brings shine and polish to a fuzzy face. A typical beard oil could run you like $40, so this DIY is a steal.

via Ctrl + Curate

Bath Bombs

Ehow bath bomb.jpg

What we love most about these is you can make them in an ice cube tray instead of having to buy special round molds, like most recipes call for. They’re super easy to make and the dried flowers and herbs are a unique lil touch.

via Ehow

Hand Cream

Handcream w:o beeswax.jpg

A lot of DIY hand creams contain beeswax, but this one is a vegan option — it uses shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and almond oil and is a natural way to get smooth hands. It’ll look as cute as the jar you put it in, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

via Invisible Lioness

7 Coffee Scrubs – From Face Masks to Hair Treatments

Style caster coffee scrub

We love this post on coffee scrubs over at StyleCaster. Coffee is great as an exfoliant and to stimulate circulation, so it works well in on both face and body. This article even has a hair mask recipe.

via StyleCaster

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