These celebrities did their own makeup tutorials

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Jk…we know that’s a lie. But some of them have been ditching the full glam squad and doing their own makeup (and launching their own lines, of course). We didn’t know how much we needed a step-by-step Fenty Beauty demo by Rihanna herself until Vogue released one this month. Fortunately, social media has granted us mere mortals access to many more. So if you’re feeling like you deserve the celebrity treatment today, enjoy these very high-class how-tos.

Riri brings us the full Fenty face routine

Kim’s 5 minute contour and highlight

Kylie Snapchatting her entire makeup routine was life changing

Zendaya gives us a glowy, gold moment

Jessica Alba shows a simple fresh-face look

Makeup guru Lisa Eldridge demonstrates a go-to routine for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Drew Barrymore breaks down her tips for a dewy, fresh glow

Hailey Baldwin gives us a 5-step Summer bronze

Chaka Khan shares the secrets to her iconic signature look

Soko proves eye makeup doesn’t have to be complicated

Ashley Tisdale offers a ton of tutorial but this soft pink look is our fav

Of course we had to throwback to Ariana Grande’s old af tutorial

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