Summer Skincare Switch Up

NYC weather is finally getting warm (yeah, yeah, and rainy. Let us have this!) We shared our hair hacks for humidity, and now it’s time to roll out our Summer Skincare Switch-Up, aka, how to adjust your skincare routine from dry winter days to prep for sweat and sunshine. Because no one wants their entire face to melt off before they even arrive at the party. Grab those booty shorts from the back of your closet, put on a bikini top (or not, whatevs) and strut down the street like you own it. If you’re feeling ready to bring on the heat then it’s time for a Skincare Switch-Up!


Sun’s out buns out! So get out that SPF! Even if it’s rainy and cloudy (again, let us live…) we’re still closer to the sun during summer, which means our skin is soaking up more UV rays. Gnarly. Don’t get us wrong, we love some D (vitamin D! Shame on you) but we’re trying to look smooth and sun-spot free for as long as possible. Plus, cancer is not invited to the party, so layer on the goop. Ideally, you should pick a nontoxic option. Here’s some of our top rated sun protection.

  • Coola - Moisturizing but still matte

  • Sun Bum - Great for face and body for “normal skin”

  • Laguna Herbals - Reef safe and only contains 5 ingredients! Plus it comes in stick form!

Go Foundation Free

Wearing foundation every day can sometimes create more problems than solutions. What looks flawless in the winter can feel cakey and wet in humidity. Unless you have the patience to blot and reapply throughout the day, it might be best to ditch it all together. Here are some hasslefree alternatives.

Try a lighter moisturizer

If you’re not interested in color correcting and are just looking for a basic moisturizer, sometimes lighter is better. In humid climates, it will help to switch up your daily moisturizer from winter to summer. Prone to oily or combination skin? Maybe try a gel moisturizer. If that still feels too heavy, go with an “essence.”

  • Glossier Hydrating Face Moisturizer - Can be used alone or under makeup (if you want)  as a primer. Light and soothing to help reduce redness without heavy color correcting ingredients.

  • MAKE Succulent Skin Gel - Super lightweight and dries down quickly. Leaves your skin feeling plump and delicious. For use on your face and body.

  • Belif True Tincture Essence - Can be used after a toner and under a moisturizer (if needed). Hydrating yet weightless! Don’t forget to pat it into the skin (with your fingertips! No cotton pad necessary).

Rose Water

This is such a great product for your routine year round, but can feel extra nice in summer months because it’s cooling and so lightweight. Taking care of our bodies includes hydrating the outside too. Rose water is a great lightweight and natural product that instantly adds moisture to both the skin and hair. Plus it smells wonderful. Pop this sucker in your bag and spritz throughout the day!

Eye masks

Have you ever woken up in the heat, totally sober, but looking like you have the worst hangover of all time? Like the heat is literally sucking the life out of you and bloating your entire face? Cool, us too. This one is for all of the people who have stuck their head in the freezer to cool down.

  • Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox - Expensive but there are a lot jam packed in the jar. Super refreshing and definitely leaves your eyes looking sexier than ever.

  • Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution - Cheap and full of collagen, which helps keep the skin plump, supple and wrinkle free! These little babies are quite delightful and don’t break the bank.

Remember to hydrate

Drink water!!!!!!! If you’re outside – you’re dehydrated. If you’re running around – you’re dehydrated. If you’re stressed – you’re dehydrated. If you’re gettin’ lit in the park on your day off – you’re super duper dehydrated! H20 does the body good, so up your water intake to keep your skin plump and glowy. Throw in a little lemon to add some detox benefits and help wake up your digestive tract, too

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