DIY Trick: Lazy Waves

If your second-day hair tends to lay flat and flimsy, a good “lazy wave” is an easy way to achieve body and shine. They work on most hair lengths (depending on the size of your iron) and can be done in about 10 minutes.

Products Used:


  • Curling iron or wand (Hannah used Hot Tools 1.5” marcel iron)

    Tip: The smaller the iron the more curl you will have

  • Clip

  • Brush

How To:

  1. Brush it out! We know your bedhead looks almost cute, but tangles don’t curl well.

  2. Shake and spray in your dry shampoo of choice. We used DP Hue’s ACV Dry Shampoo.

  3. Fluff out the roots to let the excess dry shampoo fall out of your hair. This also helps get rid of any residue and works the product into the roots.

  4. Using your thumbs, section out a decent section of hair. Then split that section in half.

  5. Spray each section with your heat protectant. We used Living Proof’s Flex Hairspray that provides both soft hold and 450 degree heat protection.

  6. Twist one section TOWARDS your face then take your iron and wrap the hair around it AWAY from your face. By twisting the hair and then wrapping it over the iron in the opposite direction, you create a twist all the way around the iron. This will give you beachy s-waves as opposed to an open ringlet curl. We also recommend leaving the ends out so you don’t burn your fingers and this also gives the ends a more natural look.

  7. Wrap the other section and then hit them both with a soft hold hairspray or texturizer.

  8. Take two more sections (one on each side of the head) by grabbing all the hair from directly behind the ears to the crown of the head.

  9. Brush each section if needed and repeat steps 5-7. Make sure to hold the hair on the iron long enough that the hair heats up. You can check this by lightly touching the wrapped hair to see if it’s warm.

  10. Take the remaining section of hair and divide it in half. Brush and repeat steps 5-7.

  11. Spray again and let the hair cool before touching it so the waves have time to set.

  12. Emulsify a couple pumps of your favorite serum in your hands and rake through your mids and ends. We used Pai Shau’s ultra lightweight Biphasic Infusion to create smooth and shiny waves.

ta daaaa!

ta daaaa!

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