DIY: All-Natural Bug Repellent

It’s official, we’re delicious! Or at least that’s what the bugs of the world tend to think every Summer. If you’re like us, bug bites can result in giant red lumps all over your body, and yeah, it’s miserable. Most drugstore bug spray contains DEET and other harmful chemicals that can cause allergies, irritation and be toxic in large doses. So this year we decided to fight back with our very own, super easy DIY: All-Natural Bug Repellent!

Natural Bug Repellent ingredients.jpg

You’ll Need

  • Small Spray bottle (any small spray bottle will work)

  • A “carrier” Oil – we used almond oil but you could also use jojoba oil

  • Essential Oils (these are the active ingredients!) – we added lemongrass & eucalyptus but we also like cedarwood, peppermint, tea tree, and citronella oils

Not all essential oils work for every bug so check out the handy chart below for all the best All-Natural Bug Repellent essential oils. You can usually find carrier and essential oils at your local drugstore in the vitamin section ;)

bug repellent.jpg


  1. Fill your bottle most of the way full with your carrier oil

  2. Add in about 15-20 drops of each essential oil

  3. Screw on the lid and shake!

  4. Spritz yourself and rub it in

Don’t forget to re-apply regularly! We recommend every couple hours to avoid bites. If you’re still getting bitten, add in more of your essential oils.

If you want extra protection or choose to skip the spray altogether, try these awesome Bug Repellent Bracelets!

Bonus Bug Buster: Pick up some of these all-natural tealight candles to deter bloodsuckers and create a dreamy ambiance.

NOTE FROM THE DUMMIES: Mosquitoes and other warm weather bugs can sometimes carry diseases that pose serious health risks. So, if natural repellent doesn't work for you, go with the chemical stuff.