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At Beauty Dummy, we’re big on sharing knowledge.The beauty industry is vast and complicated which can make it overwhelming at times. So when Google is TMI, we’re here for you. This week we rounded up some reader questions that we think are super helpful. Send us yours at (or hit us with a DM).

I have a TON of new hair sprouting up around my temples and just at my hairline. A TON. They're just an inch or two long, so I don't think they're breakage from ponytails or clips. I've been taking/drinking collagen at least once a day for the last month and I’m curious – maybe that's helping? Maybe this growth is a bad thing? I've never seen it before, and while some are gray, (grr) most aren't! I've noticed a huge difference in my nails, strength/growth, so I suppose this could be it. Just wondered if you had any thoughts/ideas.  

That’s super interesting! We definitely wouldn't consider any new hair growth a bad thing. It is very possible that the collagen is increasing growth and strengthening the life cycle of the hair and follicle. This also happens during pregnancy. But if you’re not pregnant, and since your nails are also stronger and growing faster, it’s safe to assume this is due to some difference in your nutrition. We might have to test out this collagen thing ourselves!

I use a diffuser on my hairdryer to dry my curls, but I’m looking for something to travel with. What do you think of "hair dryer socks" as a diffuser substitute?

Diffuser socks (as in, special “sock-like” coverings you can put on the end of your hair dryer instead of a diffuser attachment) are totally fine, especially if you’re trying to save on space. The point is simply to diffuse the airflow so it doesn’t come out all at once and create lots of frizz and fuzz, and sock diffusers typically do this just as well as the plastic attachment!

HALP! A few years ago I got really sudden terrible adult acne – it was the worst and took me a year to find a treatment works. My face was finally back to pre-acne condition by last summer and had stayed that way until this week when I woke up to breakouts all over my cheeks, a day before a super important interview nonetheless! It’s probably one of the worst breakouts I’ve ever had and I have no idea why or how this is happening. Do you have any quick skin fixes so I can calm/soothe my face and help prevent it from getting worse? I’m planning on masking/steaming...but maybe I should just leave it the F alone??

Stress can be a big culprit for cheek breakouts. Definitely don’t squeeze or pick at them, because it won’t help and it will just be inflamed in the morning. Steaming is great before a mask. Our current favorite for breakouts is the Dr. Jart Skin Clearing Solutions Sheet Mask. Leave it on until it has mostly dried out, then remove and pat the rest of the solution into your skin. We’ve seen overnight results with this greatly reducing inflammation and totally clearing up acne. Also maybe pick up some COSRX Acne Patches. They help draw out whatever is in there and will flatten the bumps by morning. You can also just pick up Hydrocolloid bandages at any drugstore, which is the same thing but can cover more surface area making them more cost effective. Then just cut them to the size you need!

What’s the difference between a “skin purge” versus a breakout?

The biggest difference is when you change or try new products your skin is clearing out toxins or bacteria that may be lurking beneath the surface, vs. stress or hormones affecting your skin. That’s common even when you change your diet. It takes a week or so for things to normalize. Generally you will see purging when you introduce products that increase cell turnover rate, like retinoids or hydroxy acids. Usually you will see this happen in an area you are already prone to breaking out in. If you start breaking out in new areas it’s most likely a reactive breakout due to a new product being introduced. Generally with a purge you will also see the acne clear up faster than normal. 

What is the best liquid eyeliner? I’ve never used a brush tip and I’m not sure how to apply it! That’s my main concern.

Club Clio Kill Black brush tip liner is pretty rad! It stays on all day but is still easy to remove. A brush tip goes on just like felt tip, but we think it has a little more control. Either way, don’t worry: this product also comes in a felt tip option!

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