Hey Dummies!!

That’s you. It’s what we’re calling our readers. Like how Katy Perry has Katy Kats and Beyoncé has the Bey Hive and Mariah Carey has...lambs for some reason? Anyway, it’s a compliment.

Have you ever been casually surfing the net for beauty tips and been like, “you know, I wish there were more cool people talking about this in a real way instead of a million 50-step contouring tutorials that nobody’s ever actually gonna do?” So have we. That’s why we started this blog.

Thanks for joining us! We’re gonna have so much fun.

Ok, first things first. We’re Hannah and Kathryn! And since we wanna be your new best friends, we asked each other a lightning round of interview questions to help you get to know us better. Think of it like speed dating but for friendship. Plus, it’s on the internet so you don’t have to sit across from us IRL making small talk. You can just read it! Technology has made the world so wonderful.


My aesthetic is… 
Grunge Zelda

Last song you were listening to?
“Lovers in the Parking Lot” by Solange

Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters.
Rini from Sailor Moon, Daria, Marceline from Adventure Time

If you could be bff with one celeb...
Hm...Keanu Reeves is pretty cool...

10 years ago I was...
16 and real angsty and moody. I worked at the movie theater and went to a lot of metal shows.

I wish everybody understood...
that flatironing your hair is not good for it. Ever. In any context.

When I'm not writing about beauty I'm…
talking about it to my clients, doing hair, cleaning something or reading

Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?
Sleep in

I spend all my money on…

Favorite movie genre?
Sci-fi. But only the good ones. There are a lot of shitty ones. Like I’m not gonna be watching fucking Sharknado, just FYI.

Appetizers or desserts?
Desserts. No one ever orders desserts with me. It sucks!

Favorite throwback beauty trend?
Butterfly clips

Would you rather go deep sea exploring or go to space:
In the deep sea I could potentially see a giant squid so, fuck yeah. I’m all about that.

Marry, bury, smash: Ron Swanson, The Hamburgler, Joanne The Scammer?
I think I’d probably bury Hamburgler bc he would steal my hamburgers and that’s not ok, smash Ron Swanson because he’s a lumberjack, and marry Joanne the Scammer because she’d scam us a great house to live in.

Guilty pleasure? $30 massages in Chinatown

Everyday products:
I use a lot so I’ll just list a few


Get to know you_KAT.jpeg

My aesthetic is…
Teenage boy by day, video girl by night

Last song you were listening to?
Cash Me Ousside remix by DJ Suede The Remix God. It’s good don't judge me.

Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters:
Cher from Clueless, Jane from Daria, and Garfield

If you could be bff with one celeb...
Rihanna. I thought about saying Beyoncé but I honestly think I’d be dead weight and drag her down.

10 years ago I was…
A senior in high school skipping a lot of class and getting speeding tickets

I wish everybody understood…
How their privilege affects their worldview

When I'm not writing about beauty I'm…
Writing and performing comedy, telling stories, drinking vodka, binge watching 30 Rock for the 200th time

Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?
Eat something fried at brunch

I spend all my money on…
Kitty litter

Favorite movie genre?
Tied between horror and teen comedy

Appetizers or desserts?
Apps all day! A jalapeño popper sounds so good right now.

Favorite throwback beauty trend?

Would you rather go sky diving or cave diving?
I guess if I had to choose I’d pick skydiving. I hate heights, but at least there are fewer things that can go wrong. The parachute either opens...or it doesn’t, you know? Ok now I have anxiety.

Marry, bury, smash: Jordan Peele, Guy Fieri, Wario?
Marry Jordan Peele, obviously. I'm a Guy Fieri fan tbh, but the idea of having sex with him makes me want to throw up. I think I would smash Wario because at the very least I’ve never seen how disgusting he looks when he eats. So I’d have to bury Guy Fieri. Sorry dude. RIP.  

Guilty pleasure?
Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

Everyday products:

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