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The Perfect At-Home Pedicure

Feet do a lot for us, and these piggies deserve to go to the market...err spa…or whatever. But cash is tight, and why should we leave the comfort of our PJs when we have all the fixings of a proper pedi at home!?!  Here’s our method for the perfect at-home pedicure!


You’ll Need

  • Foot soak! We popped in a couple rainbow sherbet bombs by Fizz & Bubble, but you can always make your own: just add some of our fav DIY ingredients to hot water: essential oils, sea salt or Epsom salt, and lemon)

  • Pumice stone or a rough loofah. We used the ones we had, but our next purchase will be an all natural lava stone

  • Body scrub. We exfoliated with Skinfood’s Black Sugar Honey, but again, why not make your own, boo? Some of our fav ingredients for DIY scrubs are: coarse salt, brown sugar, coconut or olive oil, honey, and essential oils.

  • Cuticle oil or a natural oil of your choice

  • Cuticle pusher or orangewood stick

  • Nail file / Nail clippers (if needed)

  • Cuticle trimmers

  • Buffer

If you want to change your polish you can also grab

  • Cotton balls

  • Nail polish remover

  • Clear coat polish

  • Polish of your choice. We chose the shade Ladybird by Butter London, bc Saoirse Ronan fo eva.


Steps (omg no pun intended)

  1. Remove old polish if needed

  2. Fill up a tub, or bucket type container with hot water and pop in your DIY foot soak, or a bath bomb and soak at least 10 minutes.

  3. Generously apply your scrub and massage into the feet, ankles and calves

  4. Thoroughly rinse and pumice those calluses away!

  5. Rinse and dry

  6. Clip and file your nails (square is always best for toes to avoid ingrowns)

  7. Apply your cuticle oil of choice and gently push your cuticles back

  8. Lightly buff and apply your clear coat of polish

  9. Paint 2 coats of your fav polish and seal with a clear coat

For all the nail info you’ll ever need check out our Dummy Dictionary: Nails Edition!


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